Here at Set in Steel we work with our clients extensively to ensure a collaborative process occurs from concept to completion of each unique project. Our team will discuss options of colours and finishes to ensure the client gets exactly what they need.

If you are not sure on the design you are looking for we can work with you to discuss options and styles that will complement the space.

Initial discussions are held to assess the project and determine the clients brief. From here we are able to quote and provide a 3D rendered model if required.


Construction will commence following approval of the design and quote. As soon as the client is ready for the polished concrete pieces to be built we will add the project to our schedule. At this point in time we will often require a site measure to get the correct dimensions with templates being created where necessary. The construction process occurs offsite and depending on the size of the project, usually takes between 4-8 weeks to complete.

In some instances it is best to pour the pieces onsite if the size and access prohibit an offsite pour. We will come in and make sure that the area is protected before we commence work as well as ensure the pieces are completed to the highest standard. During the construction phase of the project we will be in contact to advise of time frames and other requirements.


Upon completion of the construction process we will arrange a convenient time to install or deliver the product to site. We can work closely with other trades if required to ensure a seamless finish of the project. Depending on the site we may require the use of cranes to assist in getting the concrete pieces into place, however, generally depending on the size, we are able to manoeuvre our finished products into their new homes.

 Installation of basins is easily completed following these steps: 

  1. Turn the basin upside down and run a line of clear Wet Area silicone around the outer edge on the base of the basin
  2. Run another line of silicone approx. 20mm in from the waste hole on the base of the basin
  3. Turn the basin up the correct way and press down on the clean bench top
  4. Clean any excess silicone off from the edges with a wax & grease remover and soft cloth
  5. Run a bead of clear Wet Area silicone around the other edge to fill the gap between the edge of the basin and the bench
  6. Smooth off the silicon to a neat finish and wipe off excess with ta wax and grease remover
  7. Make sure the edge is 100% sealed and water proof to ensure no water can get under the basin
  8. To fit the waste run a bead of Wet Edge silicone around the inner edge of the rim of the waste hole in the centre of the basin
  9. Slide the waste into place and tighten underneath
  10. Carefully ensure the silicone has filled all gaps between the waste and the basin to ensure no water can get in between
  11. Clean off excess silicon with a wax and grease remover
  12. Let dry to 24 hours before use